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Formed by frontman Josh Spacek in 2009. The band released their sixties influenced jangle-pop debut album “Let’s Make Love Come True” in 2012 to much acclaim. It would be easy to dismiss Monarques as cheery doo-wop revivalists but once the listener gets past the wall of playful piano, Motown bass and the snazzy street-corner harmonizing, you begin to realize that Monarques are actually pursuing the modus operandi of one of Spacek’s influences: Brian Wilson a’la the exorcising of personal demons through melody and optimism. Spacek is ostensibly crooning about love and hope, but like the aforementioned work of the of cheerily complicated Beach Boy, it’s also about growing up and coming to terms with the darkness in one’s soul— and somehow transforming that journey into good vibrations.


Good Man enters top 10

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★★★★☆ - Kerrang!

The new sound from the Monarques has revolutionised the Indie music scene.

★★★☆☆ - Q

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★★★★☆ - Rock Sound

'Good Man' is the highlight of the whole album.

★★★★☆ - Under The Radar

The classic yet unique indie sound is addictive!